Halloween Horror Sound Effects

Halloween Horror Sound Effects

Posted on 02. Jan, 2009 by The Crypt Keeper in Multimedia, Music, Sound Effects

If you are looking for a great sound effects CD for your Halloween costume party, have a listen to Ultimate Horror Sounds’ latest Halloween CD titled “Halloween Horror”. I initially listened to the samples from the site on my laptop’s speakers and was immediately impressed with the sound quality and depth of the mix. I gave the samples a listen on my professional studio monitors (Studio monitors, also called reference monitors, are loudspeakers specifically designed for audio production applications such as recording, film, television and radio studios.) with the same reaction. Amazing quality!

All Ultimate Horror albums are recorded in high definition 3D sound. The raindrops and thunder claps are insainly crisp, as are the witch cackles, crows, monster screams and warewolf howls. The piano melodies and ambient voices are bonechilling. This is the perfect addition to your Halloween party, haunted house, yard haunt or iPod! Click here to give them a visit!

In addition to great music, the fine folks at Ultimate Horror Sounds have a section of free downloads that you can use to create your own sound effects CD as well as some general sound editing tips and tricks!

MP3 Samples:

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  1. Robert Heart

    23. Sep, 2009

    Great review! Yes Halloween Horror is fantastic, we got compliments on this at our Halloween bash. They also have a few other titles which are just as good - check out Poltergeist in particular, it is awesome. You can hear a sample at http://www.halloween-sounds.com



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